This bay, one of the most beautiful diving spots in the Kemer region, is ideal for both beginners and their accompanying family members and friends, with opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Aquarium Bay is 23 minutes away from Kemer Marina and can only be reached by sea. The bay, surrounded by steep rocks and pine trees, also has a beautiful pebble beach that plays an important role in all visitors’ enjoyment of nature. Due to its sheltered location from wind and waves and its existing beach, it is suitable for diving at any desired depth. Many species of fish and underwater creatures can be found in this bay, including sea bream, mullet, sea bass, sargo, damselfish, octopus, sea urchin, starfish, and sometimes barracuda, squid, and scorpionfish.

The deepest point of the bay is 12 meters, and the seabed varies between pebbles and sand. Swimming with fish among the large rocks covered in colorful sponges and corals, and of course, feeding the fish by hand, is an indescribable pleasure that must be experienced to be understood.


This bay, which is sheltered from wind and waves, is located 18 minutes away by diving boat from Kemer Yacht Harbor. With its shallow beginning and extension up to a depth of 18 meters, it is a very suitable diving spot for both beginners and certified divers. This bay, surrounded by steep rocks, gets its name from 2 small caves that are easily visible from the outside and are partially filled with air and water. The presence of small underwater caves and tunnels that are worth seeing and, most importantly, the easy access from this bay to the Bubble Cave underwater are also factors contributing to its popularity. In this bay, where the underwater terrain consists of rocks, stones, pebbles, and sand in some places, a variety of fish species such as wrasses, groupers, breams, saddled breams, combers, and lizardfish, as well as crabs, starfish, sea urchins, shrimps, squid, and octopus can be seen. The endless appetite of fish for bread crumbs offered by divers and their expression of happiness by swirling around the divers create very interesting and natural images that cannot fit into a single photograph. Even for non-divers, the aimless wandering of wild goats on the steep rocks surrounding the bay is exciting and worth watching.


This beautiful diving spot is suitable for divers of all levels and is located only 8 minutes away from Kemer Yacht Harbor, making it easy to spot from the harbor. Since the region is rocky, many small and large tunnels and rock formations can be found here, the most important of which is the L-Reef and the Tunnel that gives its name to this diving spot. The reef starts from 3 meters below the water surface and extends up to 18 meters. At the point where the reef starts, there is a wide tunnel with a depth of 9 meters and a length of 5 meters, which is worth seeing for minutes due to the dozens of marine creatures it hosts.

The tunnel, covered with corals, sea anemones, colorful sponges, tube worms, oysters, and tunicates, is home to moray eels, octopuses, scorpionfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea hares, sea rabbits, groupers, and many other fish species.


Floating on the sea floor entirely made of sand, at a depth of 21-31 meters and only 7 minutes away from Kemer Marina, the French Wreck “Paris” sank in September 1917 after being hit by Turkish artillery fire from Kocaburun Hill, commanded by Mustafa Ertuğrul. The ship was 65 meters long and 14 meters wide, and was covered with sponges and corals of various colors, as well as hosting many different species of marine life such as groupers, scorpionfish, crayfish, and lionfish. As a result of the technology of its time, the ship was built with rivets and steam-powered. The large steam boiler in the middle of the wreckage and the scattered bricks and coals around it are enough to take us back in time. We also understand from the large number of cannonballs scattered throughout the wreckage that Paris was on active duty during World War I. Diving to the Paris wreck is only suitable for certified and experienced divers. As it lies at a depth of 18 meters, it requires deep diving and a minimum of an international level 2 certification. Divers make their descent and ascent from a guide rope tied to the wreck.


On the cold and stormy night of January 1, 2001, the Georgian-flagged ship named PATI was swept onto the rocks off the coast of Kiriş Aquarium Bay by large violent waves, and its bow sank immediately, while its stern remained stuck on the rocks until it sank completely in the winter of 2004. The iron wreck, which is 15 meters long, is located at a depth of 5-13 meters on a sandy bottom. It is a suitable diving spot for experienced divers. Some parts of the ship, such as its masts, chains, and anchors, are scattered around it. Some fish such as groupers, scorpionfish, and lionfish have made the 22-year-old wreck their home. In addition, other marine life such as rays, starfish, and sea hares can also be found around the wreckage, and occasionally tuna can also be spotted.


There are four islands located in the Tekirova area, named Martı (Seagull), Mağara (Cave), Piknik (Picnic), and Küçük Ada (Little Island). These islands are one of the rare diving centers in the world that meet international standards. They create an enticing opportunity for those who want to explore the underwater riches. These diving centers can be reached by a 90-minute boat ride.


The plane was located on the Tekirova coast for a while. That was the military plane – Douglas C-47, one of the legends of world aviation in 20th century, a member of the Second World War and many local conflicts.

At the 14th of September, 2013 this plane was sunk near the Three Islands. Now it is at the depth of 21-31 meters and has already attracted a large number of divers.

If you don’t have an international diver’s certificate then unfortunately you can’t see the wrecks and the plane. But you can do it after passing diving courses in our center.