It takes about 20 minutes to get the Kirish Aquarium Bay from the port Kemer-Marina. This dive site can only be reached by the sea.

The bay in Kirish is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the Kemer region. This is the ideal place for the beginners. The dive site’s maximum depth is 12 meters.

The bay is well sheltered from the winds by the barrier of mountains so there are practically no large waves, the sea is calm, the water is clean and clear. The sea bottom here is covered with gravel and sand. Under the water you can find a variety of fish and marine animals such as black-eyed and yellow-eyed fish, sea urchins, octopuses, starfish, squid and schools of barracuda.

Swimming between underwater rocks and feeding the fish from your hands will afford you really great pleasure.


This bay is safely protected by the rocks from waves and winds. It takes about 15 minutes to reach this place from the port Kemer-Marina.

The maximum depth here is 18 meters. This dive site is suitable both for beginners and professional divers.

This bay takes its name from the name of two caves which are located here at the coast. Both of them are half-filled with sea water. To the divers delight here are a lot of underwater caves as well. The main attraction has a cave “Kabardzhik” which can be reached only under the water.

The bottom of the Kirish Cave Bay is covered with sand, gravel and rock fragments. Here you can meet black-eyed and yellow-eyed fish, barracudas, stonefish, gold fish, morays and such marine animals as crabs, starfish, sea urchins, shrimpsand octopuses.

While swimming in the sea you can safely feed the fish which can be the perfect subject for the photography.

Not-diving guests can take sunbathe on the rocks and even see the wild mountain goats which live in this area.


At this stop tourists of all skill levels can dive. It takes 8 minutes to reach the Lighthouse from the port.

Under the water you can explore a large number of tunnels and caves. The minimum depth of the dive site is 3 meters at the same time the maximum is 18 meters. There is the tunnel with the width of 5 meters at a depth of 9 meters. It is the home to a huge number of marine animals and plants (sea tulips, colorful marine cushions, marine worms, moray eels, octopuses, sea scorpions, sea hares, sea cucumbers). It is difficult to realize all the beauty of the area.


It takes 7 minutes to reach this wreck from the port.

Now the ship lies on the sandy bottom at the depth of 21-31 meters.

History tells us that the ship “Paris” was shot in 1917 by a small army under the command of Mustafa Ertugrul. This ship got about 10 damages which you can see while diving.

The length of the ship is 65 meters, the width is 14 meters. “Paris” lies under the water for a long time and is covered by a variety of marine plants. The ship is a home to moray eels and scorpionfish.

The ship was built in the early 20th century and worked by a steam engine. A large amount of charcoal and shells which can still be seen here under water indicating that the ship “Paris” was in a state of combat during the First World War.

To this wreck can dive only certified divers.


At the 1st of January, 2001 during the storm, the Georgian ship “Pati” had lost control and crashed at the rocks not far from Kemer. The bow of the ship sank immediately but the aft ran into a rock and is still there. On the ship of 15 meters long there were immigrants from Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Now the bow of the ship is at the depth of 5-12 meters but only certified divers have rights to dive there.


Near Tekirova there are three small islands which are a good area for diving. It is a favorite place for many divers. Here are more than 17 dive sites with good visibility. The depth here is ranging from 11 to 60 meters. It takes about 45 minutes to reach these islands from the port Kemer-Marina.
All the dive sites in the area of the Three Islands will give you the good opportunity to meet with a wide variety of fish, to explore caves, to find fur seals and closer to the coast to admire with the dolphins. From August to September these waters are home for flocks of tuna and for the turtles in May. This is an ideal area for day and night dives.

But as this dive site is located at a definite distance from the basing place of our diving center you need to pre-book this tour.


The plane was located on the Tekirova coast for a while. That was the military plane – Douglas C-47, one of the legends of world aviation in 20th century, a member of the Second World War and many local conflicts.

At the 14th of September, 2013 this plane was sunk near the Three Islands. Now it is at the depth of 21-31 meters and has already attracted a large number of divers.

If you don’t have an international diver’s certificate then unfortunately you can’t see the wrecks and the plane. But you can do it after passing diving courses in our center.